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    The celebrities are celebrating and praising!

    “I’m a Brilliant Little Black Boy! is a complete and thorough study for children. The story provides positive, constructive tools to assist with self-esteem issues, and also aides in building strong examples ofidentity. The story is easy to follow, holds interest and cleverly offers a lesson plan that is achievablefor success.”

    — Pauletta Washington& --
    Denzel Washington, Academy Award-winning Actor


    “This book title is the PERFECT answer to peer group ‘smart-shaming!’”

    Samuel L. Jackson, Actor

    “The beautiful thing about what Josh and Betty have done, is they have created a story-telling expression of love that will help young Black boys on the path to being confident men.”

    John Singleton, Film Director

    “Finally! A beautiful, insightful and fun book that is exactly what our boys will desire to READ—and read it over and over again. And each time, the brilliance tucked inside every little Black boy will shine a bit brighter.”

    Alvin Irby, CEO, BarBershop Books

    For more information visit: www.theimagirlcollection.com