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FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ITEMS up to $150! (U.S. only!)
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    What is…THE I’M A GIRL COLLECTION?   TM © 

    THE I’M A GIRL COLLECTION is a special series of books, dolls, apparel and merchandise that “Celebrates Diversity” by bringing the dreams of little girls to life. The collection is a lovingly designed 
    line of items that is based on a series of children’s picture books written for girls – with an emphasis on girls of color --that are directed towards building self-esteem and self-appreciation, and the unique qualities about each girl in a deeply caring effort to celebrate her own true and real beauty. THE I’M A GIRL COLLECTION presents to us -- in these fast-paced times -- a return to innocence for our girls.
    With commitments of interest from major manufacturers, THE I’M A GIRL COLLECTION embraces high quality at affordable prices. And most importantly, the desire of customers to see our girls -- their children and others’ children -- celebrated joyfully in books and merchandise that not only makes them feel uniquely special, but offers them a product that is truly adorable and crafted with excellent quality -- and is yet, affordable. This brand is delightful and contemporary, while at once remaining an American and global celebration. THE I’M A GIRL COLLECTION celebrates……YOU!