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    About BettyBetty K. Bynum, who “gives God all the praise and glory” is an actress, writer, singer and songwriter and entrepreneur. She has secured a commitment with TARGET CORPORATION for “THE I’M A GIRL COLLECTION” book-based brand to be presented in TARGET for in-store release for SPRING 2013 -- with additional series titles and a line of dolls manufactured by MADAME ALEXANDER/ ALEXANDER DOLL COMPANY.
    “THE I’M A GIRL COLLECTION” is created out of her passion and love, and her intense tenacity. She began with the first idea, the “I’M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL!” picture book. Then, taking on a challenge from her child, Joshua, who challenged that she create books to reflect the world he lives in, a “global community” inclusive of all colors, she created a line of books, dolls and apparel for all girls. The focus of the brand lands particularly on girls of color who should been honored with love and caring. Thus, celebrating their beauty and desire for validation for their culture and for themselves “just as they are” without having to change or modify their own individuality.